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The minimum folder structure of a Node.js project includes:

  • package.json: The heart of the project, containing metadata, dependencies, and scripts.
  • package-lock.json (or yarn.lock): Generated automatically to ensure consistent dependency installations.
  • index.js: The main entry point of the Node.js application, where the server starts or primary logic executes.

Contents of a package.json file

  1. name: Name of the package or project.
  2. version: Current version of the package.
  3. description: Brief description of the package.
  4. main: Entry point of the package.
  5. dependencies: Packages required in production.
  6. devDependencies: Packages required during development.
  7. scripts: Custom scripts for tasks.
  8. license: License type of the package.
  9. repository: URL of the source code repository.
  10. keywords: Keywords for package discovery.

Note: The above list covers the essential and commonly used fields, but there may be other optional fields depending on the specific needs of the project.