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About me

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Hello! My name is Pere Pages, but I am also known online as pearpages 🍐📄📄.

Why pearpages?

My first name, Pere, is the Catalan equivalent of Peter. Interestingly, Spanish speakers pronounce it similarly to "pera," the Spanish word for "pear" 🍐. This phonetic coincidence inspired the first part of my nickname. The second part, "Pages", not only resonates with the English language (📄📄) but also happens to be my last name. While it signifies "farmer" in my native context, it adds a familiar touch in English, seamlessly blending both aspects of my identity into the site's name, pearpages.

I am an enthusiast in software engineering, deeply passionate about not only the code we write but also the principles and practices that guide us.

Classic Literature

My journey in this field is fueled by a blend of classic literature and a forward-thinking approach. Influential books like Design Patterns (by GoF), Peopleware by Tom DeMarco, The Mythical Man-Month by Fred Brooks, and Agile Software Development by Robert C. Martin have profoundly shaped my understanding and approach to software development.

I firmly believe that the essence of software engineering extends beyond chasing the latest trends or obsessing over performance metrics. I aim to explore and discuss the multifaceted aspects of software engineering, with a focus on impactful usage and sustainable practices.

Crafting Software

To me, the true art lies in crafting software that is not only functional (in all its meanings) but also scalable, maintainable, and user-friendly. Writing code that is declarative, modular, testable, and importantly, easy for others to understand and adapt, is what I strive for.


In my experience, many challenges in software projects stem from communication issues, be it too little or too much, and a deviation from established standards. Applying core software principles (e.g. SSoT and SRP) to all processes can immensely streamline development. Philosophies like "KISS", "YAGNI", and "Pareto's principle" resonate with me, emphasizing the value of simplicity and focus.

Despite my deep love for software engineering, I often find myself grappling with impostor syndrome. I believe that knowledge is an endless horizon, and there's always more to learn. Yet, it's equally important to acknowledge and learn from the past. It is crucial to recognize and learn from the experiences of those who have preceded us. We should not reinvent the wheel (with some exceptions) when countless excellent engineers before us have already paved much of the road.

In this blog, I aim to share insights, discuss ideas, concepts,and explore the vast, ever-evolving landscape of software engineering. Join me on this journey of continuous learning and growth.

Ah! I have forgotten to mention I am a huge Lego fan, it might be for its modular nature! 😆

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