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A murder at the end of the world

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Pere Pages

A Murder at the End of the World," conceived by the imaginative minds of Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, is a psychological thriller drama. The show is set in a desolate Arctic retreat in Iceland, the series introduces Emma Corrin as Darby Hart, an amateur detective with a penchant for hacking and a deep-seated drive to uncover the truth.

As Derby attends a reclusive billionaire's gathering, a murder sets off a chain of events that thrusts her into a web of mystery and danger. The show ingeniously weaves modern elements of technology, including hacking and AI, into its narrative, reflecting the contemporary methods of investigation and the increasingly digital world we inhabit.

Why I like it​

The series not only delves into the crime itself but also explores the psychological and philosophical depths of its characters, touching upon themes of isolation, morality, and the human condition. With a supporting cast that includes Clive Owen and Harris Dickinson, and a story that unfolds with each episode, it's a series that keeps the audience guessing. The creators, known for their previous work on "The OA," have again created a world that's both intriguing and intellectually stimulating. With its combination of suspenseful storytelling, complex characters, and a chilling setting, "A Murder at the End of the World" has become a notable addition to the genre, receiving acclaim for its unique approach and captivating execution​.

A murder at the end of the world