Angular Tests

June 11, 2015

Fundamentals of TDD

  • Knowing before you code
  • Confidence in refactoring
  • Documentation

The Steps to make a suit

  1. Test first
  2. Making the cuts
  3. Refactoring
  4. Repeating previous steps


  • Function under test
  • The 3 A’s * Arrange * Act * Assert

Testing doubles

A test double is an object that acts and is used in place of another object.

A Jasmine test double offers features like these:

  • The count of calls on a function
  • Stub a return value
  • Pass a call to the underlying function
.returnValue('stubbed value');


var callArgs =;

console.log(callArgs); //['param1','param2']
console.log(objectUnderTest.someFunction.count); //2
console.log(objectUnderTest.someFunction()); //'stubbed value'

Builder pattern

Imagine an object with ten properties. How will test data be created for every property? Will the object have to be recreated in every test?

We create a single consistent object.

var carBuilder = function (){
        var _resultCar = {
        	id: 1,
        	owner_ 'John Smith',
        	dateTime: new DateTime()      
        }; = function(){
        	return _resultCar;

        this.setOwner = function (owner){
        	_resultCar.owner = owner;
        	return this;

        this.setDateTime = function (datetime){
        	this.dateTime = datetime;
        	return this;

var myCar = carBuilder.setOwner('James')
.setDateTime(new Date())

Javascript testing frameworks

  • Jasmine
  • Selenium
  • Mocha

Testing with Karma

  • describe
  • it
  • expect
  • toBeTruthy
describe('when testing karma', function (){
        it('should report a successful test', function (){

Angular mocks

The ngMock module provides support to inject and mock Angular services into unit tests. In addition, ngMock also extends various core ng services such that they can be inspected and controlled in a synchronous manner within test code.

$ bower install angular-mocks